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 TITLE:  A Bad Goodbye
 ARTIST:  Duet - C Black/wynonna
 SONG#:  18382
 TITLE:  A Bay Bay
 ARTIST:  Chris Hurricane
 SONG#:  14700
 TITLE:  A Beautiful Mornin'
 ARTIST:  Rascals
 SONG#:  16004
 TITLE:  A Better Love Next Time
 ARTIST:  Merle Haggard
 SONG#:  25930
 TITLE:  A Better Man
 ARTIST:  Warren Brothers
 SONG#:  10402
 TITLE:  A Better Man
 ARTIST:  Clint Black
 SONG#:  18364
 TITLE:  A Big Hunk O' Love
 ARTIST:  Elvis Presley
 SONG#:  24939
 TITLE:  A Bitter End
 ARTIST:  Deryl Dodd
 SONG#:  10374
 TITLE:  A Bout De Ciel
 ARTIST:  Marjo
 SONG#:  23757
 TITLE:  A Boy Like You
 ARTIST:  Trick Pony
 SONG#:  12796
 TITLE:  A Boy Named Sue
 ARTIST:  Johnny Cash
 SONG#:  19091
 TITLE:  A Broken Wing
 ARTIST:  Martina Mcbride
 SONG#:  27917
 TITLE:  A Chance
 ARTIST:  Kenny Chesney
 SONG#:  27928
 TITLE:  A Change Would Do You Good
 ARTIST:  Sheryl Crow
 SONG#:  18707
 TITLE:  A Christmas Letter
 ARTIST:  Christmas- R Mcentire
 SONG#:  25338
 TITLE:  A Christmas To Remember
 ARTIST:  Christmas- Kenny & Dolly
 SONG#:  25309
 TITLE:  A Church A Courtroom & Then Goodbye
 ARTIST:  Patsy Cline
 SONG#:  21526
 TITLE:  A Country Boy Can Survive
 ARTIST:  Chad Brock
 SONG#:  10093
 TITLE:  A Criminal Mind
 ARTIST:  Gowan
 SONG#:  19813
 TITLE:  A Day In The Life
 ARTIST:  Beatles
 SONG#:  16005
 TITLE:  A Dear John Letter
 ARTIST:  Jean Shepard
 SONG#:  26229
 TITLE:  A Decade Under The Influence
 ARTIST:  Taking Back Sunday
 SONG#:  13499
 TITLE:  A Different Kind Of Pain
 ARTIST:  Cold
 SONG#:  14094
 TITLE:  A Different World
 ARTIST:  Bucky Covington
 SONG#:  14581
 TITLE:  A Dustland Fairytale
 ARTIST:  Killers
 SONG#:  15347
 TITLE:  A Father's Love
 ARTIST:  Bucky Covington
 SONG#:  8600
 TITLE:  A Favor House Atlantic
 ARTIST:  Coheed & Cambria
 SONG#:  13538
 TITLE:  A Feelin' Like That
 ARTIST:  Gary Allan
 SONG#:  14496
 TITLE:  A Few Good Things Remain
 ARTIST:  Kathy Mattea
 SONG#:  20701
 TITLE:  A Few Questions
 ARTIST:  Clay Walker
 SONG#:  12840

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