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 TITLE:  D-i-v-o-r-c-e
 ARTIST:  Tammy Wynette
 SONG#:  18258
 TITLE:  D'yer Mak'er
 ARTIST:  Led Zeppelin
 SONG#:  28358
 TITLE:  Da Da Da
 ARTIST:  Trio
 SONG#:  18740
 TITLE:  Da Do Do Do De Da Da Da
 ARTIST:  Police
 SONG#:  9688
 TITLE:  Daddy And Home
 ARTIST:  Tanya Tucker
 SONG#:  11675
 TITLE:  Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
 ARTIST:  Wayne Newton
 SONG#:  21585
 TITLE:  Daddy Frank
 ARTIST:  Merle Haggard
 SONG#:  11534
 TITLE:  Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind
 ARTIST:  Confederate Railroad
 SONG#:  10791
 TITLE:  Daddy Sang Bass
 ARTIST:  Johnny Cash
 SONG#:  16299
 TITLE:  Daddy Won't Sell The Farm
 ARTIST:  Montgomery Gentry
 SONG#:  10091
 TITLE:  Daddy's Come Around
 ARTIST:  Paul Overstreet
 SONG#:  16300
 TITLE:  Daddy's Home
 ARTIST:  Shep & The Limelights
 SONG#:  20358
 TITLE:  Daddy's Little Girl
 ARTIST:  Al Martino
 SONG#:  20887
 TITLE:  Daddy's Little Girl
 ARTIST:  Kippi Brannon
 SONG#:  21413
 TITLE:  Daddy's Money
 ARTIST:  Ricochet
 SONG#:  27710
 TITLE:  Dallas
 ARTIST:  Alan Jackson
 SONG#:  26114
 TITLE:  Damaged
 SONG#:  12780
 TITLE:  Dammit
 ARTIST:  Blink 182
 SONG#:  18776
 TITLE:  Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
 ARTIST:  Sophie B Hawkins
 SONG#:  22882
 TITLE:  Damn Right
 ARTIST:  Terri Clark
 SONG#:  14186
 TITLE:  Damn Right I've Got The Blues
 ARTIST:  Buddy Guy
 SONG#:  21795
 TITLE:  Damn!
 ARTIST:  Youngbloodz
 SONG#:  12932
 TITLE:  Damned If Ya Do
 ARTIST:  All Time Low
 SONG#:  15344
 TITLE:  Dance
 ARTIST:  Twister Alley
 SONG#:  20726
 TITLE:  Dance Desire
 ARTIST:  Haywire
 SONG#:  23311
 TITLE:  Dance Floor Anthem
 ARTIST:  Good Charlotte
 SONG#:  14702
 TITLE:  Dance For Me
 ARTIST:  Mary J Blige
 SONG#:  12313
 TITLE:  Dance Hall Days
 ARTIST:  Wang Chung
 SONG#:  23922
 TITLE:  Dance In The Boat
 ARTIST:  Kinleys
 SONG#:  28030
 TITLE:  Dance In The Dark
 ARTIST:  Lady Gaga
 SONG#:  9643

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